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We are Yuliana Arles and Vinnie Jinn

Founders of YV Art Gallery, Patrons of the Arts,

Artist Agents and Art Ambassadors.

YV ART it's a brand specializing in representing and exposing talented artists globally.

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Our main mission is the comprehension of the artist's inner world, penetration into the depths of their art and presentation of their artistic vision to a wide audience in an accessible and understandable form.


We want to introduce our readers to the wonderful world of art, to show its general availability and universality.


By opening the doors to our life for art, we get the opportunity to look at the existing reality from different perspectives, thereby expanding our consciousness.

At the same time, analyzing the history of contemporary art, we can safely say that artists, as creative personalities, function on more subtle vibrations and have the singularity of being ahead of their time. As a result, people of art give the viewer an opportunity to not only penetrate into their world, but also allow him/her to look into an alternative future.


On the one hand, our project enables artists to convey their ideas, intentions and inner feelings to a global audience in a universal way. On the other hand, viewers can easily comprehend the world of art, while enriching the spiritual sphere of their lives.


As a symbol intended to identify our global art platform, we have chosen the ancient Slavic rune “existence”.

For us, this is a magical symbol. Miraculously, it contains the first letters of our names, Yuliana & Vinnie. This is a sign of our love and creative union, the fruits of which we want to share with others.


Slavic runes are the alphabet of the Gods and the most ancient way of communicating with them. The rune "existence" refers to life as a continuous stream of movement and renewal.


You can compare the effect of this rune with the movement that blood makes through  veins and blood vessels. It is a symbol of filling and renewing energy. While everything flows and changes, we live and develop.

On the other hand, in an inverted state, this sign magically turns into the Scandinavian rune Ansuz - a symbol of knowledge, creativity and eloquence.


Admired and inspired by metamodernism - the creative direction of contemporary art.


In an era of rapid social change, a departure from the philosophy of social realism and the irony of postmodernist criticism, our generation is in a state of hesitation. In the process of transition from sarcasm to hope and sincerity, we are perceiving a new understanding of reality.


Metamodernism cannot be perceived by a closed system of thinking based on duality, where there are clear divisions between good and bad. 


The quintessence of this movement is the pendulum system, the transition from high states of bliss to extremely depressive ones, the perception of reality in every aspect and expression.


Acceptance of this process is possible only with an open mind.


The meaning of the word "metta" in translation from Pali, the language of the Buddha, means the elevation of the state of mind - loving kindness. 

In Buddhism metta meditation is the transition of consciousness into a state of openness, love, compassion and serene observation. 


By combining these spiritual concepts with echoes of postmodernist irony, contemporary artists strive to reflect new aesthetic values ​​in various art forms.


We, as ambassadors of this contagious rapidly developing art movement, are looking for artists who create art objects in the style of metamodernism.


Looking into the future with an open mind, we want to unite contemporary progressive artists and present their works to You. Welcome to a new era.



Meet  the Artists

Meet painters, musicians, designers which are connected via philosophy and aesthetics of metamodernism culture.


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We specialize in representing, and exposing talented artists.

We cordially invite you to our doorstep and we hope that your visit to the YV Art Gallery will be a unique and enriching experience.

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Robert Gann

"Making the art is the art and what ends up on a board or canvas is an artifact that has been left behind for the rest of us to observe and wonder"


Julia Levanshyna

"If you try to attribute my art to the already existing artistic styles, then I would say that it is a mixture of primitivism, fusion and metamodernism"


Molly Route

"My technique is graphics, my main tool is a black gel pen. 

Black is so simple and straightforward. Such graphics look easy on any wall"


Marina Savlovskaya

"Through my arts I want to show the world of freedom, beauty and unicity, which is reflected through expressive, colourful and graceful lines"


Teresa Legierska

"In my artworks, the image of the child best expresses the content that I want to talk about, e.g. sensitivity, naivety."