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In the era of today's mass consumerism and access to free music,

people pay much less attention to the message, idea and meaning that artists puts into their work.

Our goal is to educate art / music audience so that they can better understand artists

and appreciate their creative souls.

We are here to wake you up!

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Biały Brush Strokes

Yuliana Arles

I'm Co-founder of

YV Art Gallery, Patron of the Art, Art Lover & Art Historian.

Read my articles about the history of contemporary art, new trends in the art market and interviews with artists from around the world.

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Vinnie Jinn

I'm Co-founder of YV Art Gallery,​ Patron of the Art, Musician,

Music and Art Lover.


Read my articles about the history of music, news, and interviews with famous musicians and artists from around the world.

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  • LinkedIn - Czarny Krąg
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