The Sound of Chimes - Vinnie Jinn feat. AGBE
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Vinnie Jinn


Vinnie Jinn is an independent Polish artist, singer, film music composer and music producer, constantly creating since the end of the 90s.

His unclassified music is a combination of alternative versions of electronic music styles such as Breakbeat, Trip-Hop, Deep House, Chillstep, Club, Drum and Bass, Acid Jazz as well as Ambient, Industrial, Hip-Hop, New Age, World and many more.

Geographically embedded in Gdańsk, Poland, he has a long list of live performances, prepared arrangements and participation in professional recording sessions in his musical biography.

The member of the group Klif n Jinn, proud of his technical skills and musical versatility, break conventional boundaries thanks to the unique sound he has managed to achieve.

Inspired by the community, culture and the scale of the sounds of his hometown, he performs compositions that appeal to fans of all musical genres.
The style he developed became a synonym for a diverse set of melodies and compositions.


We encourage you to read and listen to the site's content and get to know the man behind it.




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Vinnie Jinn



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