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YV soundtracks

Discover a World of Unique, High-Quality Soundtracks

for Your Next Creative Project

Unique Music for Every Project

Are you a music supervisor, music director, or another creative professional seeking the ideal soundtrack to enhance your project?  Look no further!


YV Soundtracks is the go-to online stock music platform for exclusive and royalty-free music licenses, tailored to your needs.

Our platform offers an extensive collection of unique, high-quality tracks crafted by talented music producers from around the globe. Whether you're working on a feature film, an ad campaign, a podcast, or a video game, we have the perfect soundtrack to bring your vision to life.

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YV Soundtracks provides a single pricing plan for members

Unlock creativity forever! One-time access to Royalty-Free Music Catalogue

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    Lifetime Membership

    Experience Unlimited Access to Our Music Library
    • 200+ Beats & Soundtracks Catalog
    • Unlimited Downloads
    • Lifetime access to the platform
    • Continuous music updates
    • SFX Catalogs (Q2 2024)
    • Royalty-Free License

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Experience the Perfect Harmony of Our Soundtracks with Videos

By combining your creative vision with our carefully curated soundtracks, you can create unforgettable audiovisual experiences.

Ready to elevate your project with our high-quality music tracks?


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