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Vinnie jinn

Vinnie Jinn is an independent Polish artist, singer, film music composer and music producer, constantly creating since the end of the 90s.

His unclassified music is a combination of alternative versions of electronic music styles such as Breakbeat, Trip-Hop, Deep House, Chillstep, Club, Drum and Bass, Acid Jazz as well as Ambient, Industrial, Hip-Hop, New Age, World and many more

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Klif n jinn

Two talented artists who share a common passion and unconventional approach to creating hypnotic music.


Lo-Fi, Electronic, Jazz Rap, Blues, Cinematic, Breakbeat.

They both love music and do not limit themselves to just one genre, experimenting and creating new quality and sound on the global stage.

Music Services

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Mix & Mastering

Ensure your audience want to endlessly listen to your music by letting us mix and master your songs to a professional level, ready to be printed onto CD and/or vinyl. 

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Buy or order music with exclusive license for the film, asnimation, rap, singing, commercial, game or any content you need.


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