Julia Levanshyna

"Tired of the irony and hopelessness of modernism, yearning for a return to simple and eternal truths"

In my opinion, the emotional reaction of the viewer is very important, which is why I strive to catch and keep the audience's attention on my artworks.


What emotions will arise within the viewer, whether the reaction to a work of art will be instantaneous or after a deep reading of the picture, what meaning the observer will read in it depends exclusively on individual perception.


This is a whole magic of contact with art. The picture can be one, but each viewer will have their own interpretation of it.


I believe that at the final stage I have no rights to interfere in this process.


Julia Levanshyna is an artist from Belarus who discovered her talent as a child.

For a long time, Julia perceived her art exclusively as a hobby.

But fate decided otherwise, a series of difficult events forced her to look deep into the subconsciousness.

Having rediscovered her artistic talent, Julia began to paint professionally.

Defining her work as metamodernism, the artist seeks to transfer the viewer to a utopian fantasy world.

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