Molly Route


“There are so many things that have not been painted yet. Every particle of this world would look so great on snow-white paper"

I never cease to admire nature, this is the main source of my inspiration. If we talk about everyday household space, I think that the world around is so simple, but there is so much philosophy and beauty in this simplicity. There is no end and edge to it.

My technique is graphics, my main tool is a black gel pen. I often draw on white cardboard.

Black is so simple and straightforward. Such graphics look easy on any wall. Even in photography, I prefer black & white pictures.



Molly Route is a Ukrainian illustrator, photographer, designer of numerous music albums covers and singles, author of over 2000 pieces of art as well as a clothing designer.


The artist in her artwork presents her vision of everyday life, changing our understanding of what we know as reality. Her Universe exists in a parallel dimension, everything is possible here - ordinary household items acquire unique character traits and dead insects convey a philosophical message about the transience of life.

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