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Teresa Legierska

"Human nature cannot get bored.

It is endlessly inspiring"

Teresa Legierska was born in 1992 in Koniaków. In 2019, she graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice in the field of Painting, in the studio of prof. Jacek Rykała.


In her diploma thesis, she completed a series entitled: "Delicacy to Defense". These are works of a very diverse substrate (e.g. wood, glass, stone, plastic), technique and format. The works balance on the border of painting, drawing, object and assemblage.


The colors of the paintings are muted, grays, blacks and whites dominate. There is also a leading color, most often red, blue.

The main character of her paintings is a child whom Teresa treats symbolically.

These are not paintings about childhood, she paints children to express important content from the world of adults. 

Children cannot cover up emotions, a child's emotions inspire more confidence, and the poses are more natural and gentle. For Teresa, it is the most sensitive and authentic medium of feelings. Authenticity in life and art is a very valuable value for her.

Teresa Legierska, ''Jesteś światełkiem''


The artist is inspired by people and their emotions. She believes that through humans she can say the most when it comes to content.  Teresa Legierska is curious about what people feel, what they are wearing and hiding, what she feels herself. She moves close and tries to call it. She names in her own way, does not want to scream, does not paint violent emotions, excruciating, unambiguous. Not only that, but she speaks calmly, with a slight mystery. Furthermore, she considers a whisper to be more eloquent than a scream.

The artist doesn't say much about her works, actually as much as she has to. She is one of the artists who would like to paint a picture, and they hid so as not to waste time and work on the next one. Most often, the only comment for the work is the title. It suggests what the artist was thinking about when painting the picture. It prompts but does not impose any interpretation. Teresa does not name what the viewer is able to perceive for himself, but rather suggests a thought that accompanied her while painting the picture. The title often speaks more clearly about the content than what is painted.

Teresa, while painting, chases the bunny. She still has the impression that she is on the verge of painting a good picture. This unsurpassed vision keeps her from painting. She still cannot satisfy her ambitions, she wants to be better and better, and the inability to meet this need forces her to work constantly.

Humility and diligence are the essence of her development. Everything she creates is very close to her, from the heart. She believes that she couldn't paint something she has no idea about. When she paints, she is guided by a mixture of experience, sensitivity, intellect and intuition.


Painting exhibitions:

2019. Individual exhibition, Delicacy to Defense, Muzeum Beskidzkie im. Andrzej Podżorski, Wisła.
2018. Collective exhibition, BWA Gallery, Katowice.
2018. Collective exhibition, Exhibition of works by the winners of the 2nd edition of the Polish National Painting Competition. Wojciech Fangor, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.
2017. Individual exhibition, Delicacy to Defense, Regional Cultural Center, Częstochowa.
2016. Collective exhibition, prof. Rykała 2016, Gallery +, Rondo Sztuki, Katowice.
2016. Individual exhibition, Confessions II, Pan Wiking Cafe, Mysłowice.
2016. Individual exhibition, Confessions, Mysłowice.
2016. Collective exhibition, Student Image of the Year 2015, Dagma-Art Gallery, Katowice.


2020 / 2021. Desa Unicum, Warsaw
2020 / 2021. Art in House, Warsaw

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