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I was born in Belarus, in a small city Volizin near Minsk.

Being a member of the anti-regime organization which fights against the dictatorship system, I was forced to emigrate from the country in 2011.

I settle in the Polish city of Gdansk, which for years has been a symbol of freedom and a historical place of origin of Solidarity, the organization that overthrew communism.

It’s a very inspiring place to live and to create.

Out of love for art and the need to express my feelings and emotions, I graduated from the Academy of Arts in Gdansk in the studio of professor Maciej Gorczynski to learn to communicate even better in my paintings with the audience.

My name is Marina Shavlovskaya, and I invite you to my world of meta modernistic art and creations.



"I believe that painting is a form of expression with unlimited possibilities.

For me, art is a fantastic adventure, which I am entirely devoted to and the best way to share this energy with the audience.

My main idea is to show conception, to discover myself through my art manner, and to find the perfectionism of existence in unideal forms.

​Through my paints, I cut different forms and elements which are sprayed to add many motifs and a unique manner.

My own Personal Style has been developed over the years.

My favorite forms of art are painting and graphics.

In painting, I combine different styles and techniques. I am also fascinated in printmaking technique linocut.

Black and white or red and white graphics depict a fabulous world, which is part of my creativity.

​I always pay a lot of attention to details, so I often create my work for even several months to get the desired results.

Through my arts I want to show the world of freedom, beauty and unicity, which is reflected through expressive, colorful and graceful lines."

Marina Shavlovskaya

Painting exhibitions:

2011. Art Gallery in Minsk.
2011. Orszańska Gallery of Art.
2012. Stained glass exhibition in the main cathedral in Minsk.
2016. Chicago wall painting exhibition. USA
2018. Diploma exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.
2018 Exhibition at the Sceneria Art Gallery, Gdynia, Poland
2018 Exhibition in the art of choice, Gdańsk, Poland
2019. Exhibition at the Ostróda Art Gallery, Poland
2020 Exhibition at the Art Gallery - Kana Art


2011. Open-air in Orsza (Belarus).
2012. Outdoor workshop in Chmielno (Poland).


2018 Auction of Art in the Art of Choice. Gdańsk
2018 Contemporary art auction for BUW. Warsaw

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