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Marina Shavlovskaya - Dancing Graces (From the Fusion of Cultures Collection)

Acrylic spray paint on canvas,

Size: 200x125 cm.


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Marina Shavlovskaya - Dancing Graces

SKU: 366615376135191
  • The painting "Dancing Graces" is part of the limited collection "The Fusion of Cultures". This collection consists of five paintings depicting human figures and, at the end of the series, the sixth painting “Colors of the Universe”.

    All works were done using the acrylic spray technique on canvas. The artist, inspired by the grace of the antique Gods and Goddesses, displays their silhouettes on a previously created platform of symbols, ornaments and signs typical of Belarusian culture.

    In this seemingly incongruous fusion, the author puts a deep meaning and knowledge of the existence of life. In addition to the creation of the original matrix of the vision of the world, a large load of the author's authentic emotions can be traced in all works.

    Marina presents to the viewer a kind of encrypted code that contains the concept of human existence (love, well-being, soul, family, harvest), as well as symbols of the forces of nature (fire, sun, spring, energy, the union of the sun and earth).

    Above the kaleidoscope of colors and symbols, in the paintings of “The Fusion of Cultures” collection, appears an image that provides a divine essence. As conceived by the artist, the Gods and Goddesses on the canvases are depicted in the form of an outline, a "white shadow", which subtly symbolizes the immortality of the soul.

    The painting that unites and closes the collection is “Colors of the Universe”. It expresses the infinity of our Universe, which over time has absorbed has absorbed within an incredible multitude of cultures and civilizations.

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