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Robert Gann

"Making the art is the art and what ends up on a board or canvas is an artifact that has been left behind for the rest of us to observe and wonder"

From the beginning I have known what I call the flow. As a kid I thought that being in the flow was what everybody did. I would spend an entire day throwing sticks in a river and throwing rocks at them as they floated past.

My best work comes when my conscious thoughts take a back seat to the,”in the moment feel of the flow”. Have you ever been driving a vehicle and after arriving at your destination you cannot remember how you got there? If so, you were in the flow. It is a timeless and fantastically quiet state of mind.


When I paint, there is a high, a bit like the high of falling in love.

My best work arises when I am there. Sometimes the flow evades me and if I try to think my way through a painting I usually end up with a big mess.


I have discovered that countless images lurk inside me. When I close my eyes, they will present themselves in full colour coming and going like hobos riding the rails.


I have but seconds to take in each image before the next comes, and they keep coming until I tire and fall asleep.

Those images are not political; they have no social, commercial or philosophical implications.

They are simply an awesome display of colour and design that never fail to entertain me.


I wonder if a 3D printer can be linked to my mind when those images are on parade?


Robert Gann is an American 3D artist living in Maui - Hawaii.


A former professional musician, Robert relatively recently, discovered his talent as an expressionist artist.


Being in the flow of intuitive creativity, the artist makes incredible 3D artworks, stunning the audience with his unique technique.

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