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Vinnie Jinn – “Trip Through Galaxies” – a fine work of art that surpasses conventional boundaries

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Vinnie Jinn is a Commercial, Game & Film Music Producer, Singer-Songwriter, Composer and Patron of the Arts at YV Art Gallery. On his latest EP, “Trip Through Galaxies”, he has once again proven he has an unrivalled ability to create something niche and non-mainstream and make it feel familiar and comfortable. What we get here is an eclectic, bass-heavy 9-track project spanning multiple groove-driven genres.

The release isn’t constrained by pressure and the fluidity of the recording shows a clear direction. It’s a subversive and layered mosaic, which together shows the evolution of Vinnie Jinn, the industry and ultimately sets the bar for inspiring producers.

In an industry that feels overly saturated, Vinnie Jinn has recrafted traditional jazz, soul, ambient and hip-hop genres, enhancing soundscapes and sensory experiences. The jangly plucked guitars and rolling percussive elements of “Hard Bake”, which follows the introductory “Prolog”, is tangled with a future bass sound. “Nocturne” takes a traditionally formulaic genre and creates a resonating depth with twisting basslines that electronic music typically lacks.

Boasting powerful rhythmic aesthetics, Vinnie Jinn manages to find the organic and blend it with the synthetic on “Out of Time”. The song encapsulates the power and depth of its arrangement – forcing you to feel the music in a certain way, not just listen. “Kiciass Adventure” is a bold and atmospheric show of the song’s cinematic potential. The guitar and basslines, as in all the tracks, are prominent and ever-present.

“Eclectic” ups the ante with smartly banging drums, warm keys, and those persistent bass lines which keep the groove factor and the momentum high. This is one of those tracks which really slap. It is sculpted into a fine work of art that surpasses conventional boundaries. “Zen” adds a haunting female vocal to its up-tempo mix, which also features some free-flowing rap verses. This is an expression of Vinnie Jinn experimental capabilities as a producer, which exceeds all limitations.

music producer
Vinnie Jinn

Keeping his new music recognizable, Vinnie Jinn still stems on his own originality, therefore is considered as inventive. “Filo” is another mood inducing tune, riding on a hand-clapping beat and a series of vocal interludes, creating a perfect prelude into what comes next. “Kliff n Jinn – Birds (Live)” delivers the ultimate explosion of sound in a mosaic of musical poetry.

“Trip Through Galaxies” lays down the groundwork on a less used territory in the world of electronic music and beat-making. Vinnie Jinn continues to evolve his sound while comfortably carving out his style. This is a project that is groovy, rhythmic and soulfully smooth, while also being snugly irresistible. If anything, it’s a mission statement on the kind of producer he wants to be, and can be.

It is not just certain songs that makes this recording enjoyable, it is every song played that makes it awesome. “Trip Through Galaxies” is nowhere near the mainstream, with mostly instrumentals, but it is definitely going to blow up as more people get the chance to listen to it.


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