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Once again at Lightbox Expo 2021 Magma Studio App surprised digital artists with its capabilities

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

The news that deserves some attention was the emergence of a unique solution in the digital art market. Now, graphic artists have the opportunity to quickly exchange their creative ideas in a language they understand the best - the language of images.

The one-of-a-kind application, Magma Studio, makes it possible to create a digital image for several users at the same time. For this matter, you do not need to install additional software. Professional tool works flawlessly right in your browser. Immediately after registering on the website, you can start: creating a joined drawing, exchanging innovative ideas, while getting the opportunity to expand your network of contacts.

Magma Studio App was created to draw together as well as to connect people in creativity

The idea to make a tool for creating a collective drawing came from the Polish programmer Radek Eichler, who was looking for drawing opportunities with his friends just for fun. At that time, there were no such proposals on the market, and Radek then decided to take it into his own hands and bring this conceived idea to life.

Magma Studio application was created in order to unite people with a passion for drawing. It can be used by both professionals and aspiring artists who are just discovering the magical world of animation and illustration. It's all about collaboration, communication, the ability to share experiences, various ideas, and just have fun together.

Despite the fact that Magma Studio application has been on the market quite recently (only one year), it has been appreciated already by more than 500K registered users.

This is how the magic was created together at Lightbox Expo 2021

During Lightbox Expo, we were able to watch the work process of artists who created real masterpieces together using the Magma Studio tool. Among them, you can find many digital art industry celebrities such as Bobby Chiu, Masae Seki, Jason Seiler, Thomas Fluharty, Stephen Silver, Seo Kim, Lindsey Olivares, Bright Ackwerh and many others.

Bobby Chiu, the founder of Schoolism, Lightbox Expo, and Imaginism Studios, has praised the many benefits of the app. Winner of a number of awards for his creative work (including an Emmy for his participation in the animated TV show “Niko and the Sword of Light”) he not only uses this tool to educate aspiring artists in his school and create amazing drawings with his talented friends, but Bobby also became a real ambassador of the Magma Studio brand. He also became a co-owner of the company.

You can see with your own eyes all the benefits of the application and enjoy watching the process of creating fantastic digital drawings made with the Magma Studio application on Bobby Chu's popular YouTube channel.

Bobby himself says that he is very fond of sharing knowledge and ideas. He claims that in order to achieve success, you cannot stop looking for knowledge. The best way to share knowledge is to visualize the process, allowing students to participate and contribute to it.

This is a one-of-a-kind program for any artist who is looking for a way to create digital works of art easily and accessibly, while being able to collaborate with others on any piece of art.

Bobby Chiu

Founder & Artist

Imaginism Studios • Schoolism • LightBox Expo

Moreover, the Magma Studio application became the main tool for communication and co-creation, which was presented at the virtual event Lightbox Expo. The event was hosted by passionate animation, illustration, and concept art aficionados Bobby Chiu and Emerald City Comic Con founder, Jim Demonakos.

This epic event was created to bring together a multitude of creative souls, from aspiring artists and students to professional animators, illustrators and their fans. This year, Lightbox Expo2021 gathered thousands of participants, many of whom took part in the joint sessions "Draw Together" organized by Magma Studio.

Magma Studio has officially announced a collaboration with WACOM

Not without high-profile news at the event, Magma Studio officially announced its cooperation with the multinational corporation WACOM, which is the world's leading manufacturer of pen displays, related components, and CAD systems for the design of electrical systems. The Magma Studio application is now fully optimized for use on WACOM graphics tablets, and with the purchase of the latest WACOM One pen displays, users will receive 3 months free use of the MAGMA PRO application.

It was these pen displays that were awarded to the winners of the "Magma Studio Challenge" competition, which was held as part of the LightboxExpo. The main idea of the competition was to demonstrate teamwork, leading to amazing results.

The jury members, which included Maureen Fan (Baobab Studios), Masae Seki (Imaginism Studios), and Don Varga (Wacom Technology Corp.), it was difficult to get their votes cast as the works presented at the competition were really worthy.

It is worth noting that the developers of the Magma Studio Application are tirelessly working on its development. The possibilities of using this tool are constantly expanding, it can be used for entertainment, educational purposes, and for creating professional images in the field of animation or computer games, as well as in architecture, design or art.

With this pace of development, in partnership with business giants such as WACOM, and the support of professionals such as Bobby Chiu, Magma Studio is well positioned to make a breakthrough in the digital art industry.


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