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Have you ever heard of the Jinn?

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Have you ever heard of the Jinn? In Islamic culture they are referred to as supernatural beings who, like humans, and angels possess free will. They are also known as 'geniuses'.

This is how I would begin to describe the multi-talented musician, producer, and visual artist Vinnie Jinn. Although he is not Arab or is related in any way to the world of Islam, his music has an ethereal aura, and a simple but at the same time great atmosphere.

Vinnie Jinn
Vinnie Jinn

His passion for art is reflected in his compositions and also in his videos whose concepts range from photogenic to abstract, without the project becoming something with high claims, it is nothing more than someone enjoying their own creativity and sharing it with the world.

Not to mention his many collaborations with emerging artists, whether musical or visual. Vinnie Jinn uses his (already creative) platform to provide support and patronage to like-minded artists who resonate with his message and vision of the world.

Something that stands out, and is worth mention in his music is the symbology and imagery. In the arts you can see symbols used in the past by alchemists and sacred geometry. It could be said that Vinnie Jinn's job as a composer is his very own way to make alchemy.

'Music is my healing potion (...) My music heal emotions' the transmutation carried out through the fine art of combining sounds in a coherent and organized way. It is the song 'Music Potion' with tribal rhythms and an almost ritualistic cadence. While his influences by contemporary art can also be appreciated in his electronic beats as in 'Sound of the chimes' without losing the magical essence and mystique that surrounds this unique project.

Any occasion could be a good one to listen to tracks like 'Tekilla' and 'Blue Moon'. The setting offered by this mixture of sounds is conducive to accompanying almost any situation, be it a meeting of any kind, a private party or something more intimate. Contemporary dancers could also find these sounds inspiring for class or choreographic works.

Few exist today that overflow creative energy, and that manage to turn it into a collaborative force to empower others and provide a true artistic experience that stimulates not one, but several senses at the same time. Anyone would think that it takes a village to carry out projects of this magnitude, however efforts such as Vinnie Jinn's shows that from self-management and honest collaboration, anything is possible.

Vinnie Jinn
Vinnie Jinn

This is a model that many intend to project in their artistic endeavors, but few are those who have the humility and altruistic spirit to achieve it. Vinnie Jinn is an independent musician who does not have a great record label deal and still has managed to make a place for himself, without having to compete or fight more than himself to improve himself.

Really exemplary.

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