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MUSIC GENRES AND MUSICAL FORMS. ACT I: An end to old paradigms

I still remember those days when I was a novice in the career of Musicology, I was on my way to university with my headphones on listening to my favourite musical genres, which at that time ranged from symphonic metal, and goth, techno music, trance and anime.

Ah! ~ I was so innocent. Of course, my musical innocuousness (and ignorance), also my vision of the world in general, would have their days numbered from the moment I set foot inside the university and signed a registration form with my name.

I was very clear that what I wanted was to be a Musicologist, but obviously I was not prepared for the amount of information that would be presented to me, not only to instruct me and teach me new things, but also to overturn my old paradigms and reformulate many other things.

Returning to what I heard on the way to university and during breaks, it was not until my fourth semester that I realized the great error of terminology that I always had regarding subjects that I today suffer from teaching and that I feel in the missive for educating the planet between what IS and WHAT IS NOT.


Yes, there I was in the class of musical forms while Mr. Professor explained to us that thanks to the radio everything has been labelled and misnamed "genre" and he left us quite clear delimitations about this. In fact, it is quite difficult to discern between a musical genre and a form, as both can confuse the listener.

It was here that the shock began, since not only did I have theory behind it, but also historical evidence, BAM! Straight to the yogular.

How is it that my metal, heavy and all that paraphernalia were not genres or sub-branches, or sub-genres of the much prized rock music?

That's right, all that is nothing other than the same Rock music, only with different metrics (that is, some play it at higher speeds or distort the sound of the instrumentation more, you name it, it never stopped being rock essentially, but I'll explain why)

I will try to be brief, since the subject is somewhat confusing and the great musicologists have this subject within controversy and the truth is that agreements have not yet been reached, but there is a great point of convergence between authors.

You see, the MUSICAL GENRE, represents "the matrix" or the origin of the musical manifestation itself. By the way, I do not recommend becoming evolutionists with this "nothing is born from nothing." They are totally different things, I promise to explain it later as well.

The MUSICAL GENRE, is where the MUSICAL FORMS come from, being that this is their origin. It is something like the first vestige, which yes ... it could well come from something previous, but we fall back on the issue of the missing link.

I hope that up to now everything is making some sense for you who read this, which by the way, is far from over yet, since there is much that I would like to explain to you to help you understand better.

I want to start, in addition to a series of entries, a conversation with those who read this so that we can all learn.

I invite you to read the next part where I will be breaking down the whole business. So do not hesitate to leave your feedback, and even investigate on your own and continue the conversation, I hope you feel my enthusiasm for sharing the information and join this conversation.

See you in the next chapter!

Integrity. Love. Unity.

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