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Listen to Tai Dream* 


*This file is available for listening only and is copyrighted. However, you can download it to see if it will fit your content. 


After purchase, you can use this music in songs you release on Souncloud, Spotify, a video on YouTube, a podcast intro or outro, a post on Social Media, commercial, animation, film or any other creative/media project.


Enjoy! :)


® Read more about copyrights 

Tai dream

  • Nobody has ever used these beats in any movie, game, or music production before.

    All the music has EXCLUSIVE COPYRIGHTS. So, once you buy it, no one else owns the beat but you. 

    This means that all the income (100%) from the use of this music in your content or songs goes to you!

    With the exclusive license, you can sell unlimited copies. The music can be used for an Album, Mixtape, Video, Indie game, Animation, Podcast, etc. You can release your music on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube, and any distribution website. Music artists and content producers usually appreciate exclusive beats more because they have the sole rights to the beats, and can sell unlimited units. All with one license.

    📢 Purchased instrumental will be deleted from the store and won't be available for sale anymore.

    After you purchase the instrumental music from our music marketplace, you'll get a link with the WAV file, and contract license agreement to sign and return.

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