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Let's sound like a pro! 

I have been making music since the early '90s, so its over 25-years now 😎

I have released my own 3 LPs, few EPs, singles and as a Ghost Producer, I have produced over 300 songs for various artists from 6 different countries and also over 1000 beats for my own use.

Furthermore, I'm also a Ghost Music Producer for the film industry and I have produced many jingles and film themes for commercials, documentaries, and short films.

You've worked very hard in the arrangement, recording and production of your song.

Now it's the time to get balance, colour, depth and make every instrument shine and mature your song to Pro Level.


I've released hundreds of tracks worldwide and know so many genres that with my experience and your music, I'm sure we'll get your song to industry-standard and let people fall in love with your sounds. 


Let's talk!

We reply on the spot! 😎

I'm ready to talk about your project and start developing ideas for the sound you're searching for.


I'll get your song to a professional level ready to be streamed or printed into CD / Vinyl and get people want to repeat your music in an endless loop. 


Any genre is welcomed, from Hip Hop to Pop, from Jazz to Electronic, Cinematic, from EDM all the way to Drum and Bass.


I've produced hundreds of songs in different genres and love the creative process of making music.


I need to talk with you about your influences and what's the main goal of your song in order to analyse all possible musical options and cook the best music just for your taste.


Catch me on Live Chat in the right down corner of our web and Let's show the world how good your music really is! 

And if you are ready to cooperate,

ORDER THE BEST PACKAGE you need via price tags section below or contact as via email.


Ask Me Anything ON LIVE CHAT


Beats for sale

Feel free to buy them and use them for any kind of needs.

I mean, film, rap, commercials or anything else you want.

If you want me to compose a music for your needs and the genre you like, write to me, so we can talk about the terms of our cooperation.

I'm always open to any kind of music collaboration. 



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