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MIXING & Mastering
Let's sound like a pro! 

I have been making and producing music now for over 25 years.


In that time I have produced over 300 songs working as a Ghost Producer for various artists from around the world.

I have also released a number of LPs, EPs and singles. 


I have worked as a composer in the game and film industry and produced music and jingles for short films, documentaries and commercials and in this period I have also produced over a thousand beats for my own usage. 


With this wide variety of experience working across all genres of music, I feel very confident that my creative skills and industry know-how can harmonise with your composition to elevate it to a more professional level of production.


I'm confident that I can help make every instrument and note shine brighter and sharper, and that I can add more depth, colour, balance and quality to your arrangement so that more people will fall in love with your music and will want to be listening endlessly to it! 


Let's talk!

I reply on the spot! 😎

I look forward to working with you and helping you to develop your ideas and music skills so they can be shared with the world. 


So if you want to get your music streamed or printed onto CD and/or vinyl and produced to industry standard levels, then let's collaborate!


Any genre is welcomed, from Hip Hop to Pop, from Jazz to Electronic, Cinematic, from EDM all the way to Drum and Bass.


I've produced hundreds of songs in different genres and love the creative process of making music.


I need to talk with you about your influences and what's the main goal of your song in order to analyze all possible musical options and cook the best music just for your taste.


Catch me on Live Chat in the right down corner of our web and let's show the world how good your music really is! 

And if you are ready to cooperate,

ORDER THE BEST PACKAGE you need via price tags section below or contact me via email.


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