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Exclusive Beats for sale


Down below, you can listen to some of my music which is for sale for any kind of use.

All tunes are available for one buyer only, so you don't have to worry about that someone else will ever use this music again.

When someone else will buy music from that list below I will delete this track from the player.

You can use them for the film, rap, singing, commercial, game or anything else you want.

Contact with me via email or chat, tell me which beat you would like to buy (title), so I will provide you

an offer, fully mixed and mastered beat in the HD WAV file 24-bit, 44.1Khz + licence you need.

The price depends on the type of licence and the purpose of use.

You want me to compose an exclusive music only for you?

Let's talk via chat or email about the terms of our cooperation.


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Mix & Mastering

Get your song to a professional level ready to be streamed or printed into CD / Vinyl and get people want to repeat your music in an endless loop. 

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